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Dr.Hefny MustafaHead of Anethesian and Intensive care Departments

Dr. Hefny is th Head of Head of Anethesian and Intensive care Departments

He is a professor of Anethesiology -Cairo University

He was graduated from kasr Alaini College of Medicine 1979

He Had his Master Degree 1983

He had his MD  1990

Dr.Ayman AbdulazizConsultant of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

·         Dr. Ayman is a Consultant of Anesthesiology and Intensive care in the hospital

·         He was Consultant in Ahmed maher Teaching Hospital - Cairo -Egypt before joining UDH


·         He Had medical Doctorate Degree 1997 from Alazhar University


Consultant od Anaethesia and Intensive Care

lecturer of Anaethesia in MUST Uneversity - Egypt

Doctorate Degree 2008 - kasr Alaini College of Medicine 

Dr. Yasser FathyConsultant of Anaethesiology and ICU

Dr. Yasser  is a Consultant of Anesthesia and Intensive care  in the Hospital

Lecturer of Anesthesiology – Ain Shams College of Medicine – Egypt

He had His MD since 2009